Thursday, 2 September 2010

1000 Ideas for decorating Cupcakes, Cookies and Cakes!

As promised in my last blog post I'm attempting to be a regular blogger. So here you go Katja :)
And this news, well, I just have to share with you!!

A while ago I sent in some pictures to Sandra Salamony and Gina Brown for their book "1000 ideas for decorating cupcakes, cookies and cakes" Both of them were really enthousiastic about one of the pictures in particular.

Guess what, five photographes of my cakes are going to be printed in their book! And guess what again...This I'm so proud of :) The first cake in the book you will see, yes really; the FIRST!...,is one of my cakes!!
The photograph of one of my cakes is going to be printed on a full page in colour! On the FIRST PAGE! I'm going to keep it a little secret for now which cake it is. You just have to get the book :)
It's available already for pre-order on Amazon And I'm sure when the book is out, Riejanne from Cook and Book will help us over here in the Netherlands to buy the book. Right Riejanne :) ?

Again, I'm proud :) And above all honoured!! Because although I haven't seen the book yet (I'm so curious) the cover is very promising. Look at all the beautiful colors, designs and decorations. Made by so many talented cake decorators and bakers all over the world.
I love gazing through books, magazines and the internet for inspiration on a new cake. Now it's there in a book, with pictures of my cakes. I'm sorry for this happy, happy post but I can't stop smiling...:)