Monday, 31 January 2011

Just a quick note for all the Peggy Porschen fans here in the Netherlands!
On february the 24th Peggy Porschen will be signing her books in the Cook and Book store in Arnhem.
Ofcourse Peggy's books will be available at the store then, but you can also bring the books you already have and let Peggy sign them!
We hope to meet you at Cook and Book at the 24th of February!
Peggy will be present in the store from 10.30-12.30!

Sommigen van jullie weten het misschien al als echte Peggy Porschen fans! Maar "just in case"...Peggy zal op donderdag 24 februari a.s. aanwezig zijn bij Cook and Book in Arnhem voor een booksigning!
Grijp deze unieke gelegenheid aan om je boek(en) daar haar te laten signeren of benut de gelegenheid om Peggy Porschen al je brandende patisserie- en cake decorating-vragen te stellen!
De booksigning vindt plaats van 10.30 tot 12.30 uur bij de enige echte Arnhemse kookboekenwinkel Cook and Book in de Zwanenstraat (achter de Bijenkorf).
Tot ziens op de 24ste februari!

Saturday, 15 January 2011


If all went well, you found me again! Well, you found my blog again..
As I told you all before, I'm changing the name of my business from "Alle Taarten" (meaning Every Cake) into Sweet Appetite.
And ofcourse my blogs name had to change then too.
But..I have to admit, I'm not that good with computers. They sort of always end up confusing me. And then I sort of always end up confusing everyone else with my emails, adress switch, etc.

After a few attempts (read 3 hours of attempts) I decided to send all of you who follow me a quick message. Hope you don't mind :) To make sure you found my blog again.
I kind of feel right now like someone from the stone age, but I think, I hope, no, I wish, my move attempts worked...
Did they?