Monday, 15 November 2010

Dutch or English?

A little while ago I started blogging in English. I had doubts, wouldn't my blog be less liked by all the great Dutch readers who come to my workshops, order their weddingcake with me or who read my blog for some other reason?

Under my last post (which was posted far to long ago!) Katja ask why I was writing my blog in English?
Well, it's simple. And it's the reason I'm blogging in English :)

The world is my home! I travelled and met new friends from all over the world! England, France, Italy (mi manca l'Italia!), Germany, the USA, Marocco, Holland, Greece etc. And I'm so happy I did.
I know my friends read my blog, from all over the world. And I love staying connected to them. I love everything they taught me about food and pastry, about friendship crossing borders. About when you share a recipe, a plate, the memory and traditions connected to this food, it doesn't matter which language you speak.

So, I hope you don't mind, but I will continue writing my blog in English for now. And hey, how many blogs do you love to read which are (lucky for us!) written in English? So we can all enjoy them!


  1. Ferie vell. Ei wil reed jor blog stil hoor!
    Ent ei hoop olsoo al ze atters Duts rieders.

    wit luts of luf
    katja ;)

  2. Hoi, Hoi!
    I found you on twitter and visited your web site, and now your blog!
    Congratulations, your cakes are amazing! "GEWELDIG"
    I agree with you!
    I'm brazilian, but living in Holland, and Im trying to write my blog in Dutch and Brazilianse (portugues), before I did also in english, so much work! I believe if you write your blog in english the Dutch people can read and also the hole world!
    hmmmmmmmmm, now Im thinking, maybe I will back to write my blog in english ;)
    Wel, when you can visit me at