Thursday, 30 December 2010

Do you also have a Sweet Appetite?

As you all can see, a lot has changed on my blog.
Most importantly, the name of my blog and business have changed!
From the beginning of next year "Alle Taarten" will change into Sweet Appetite.

Why? Sometimes you notice you need a change. "Alle Taarten" means "Every Cake." And I don't make every cake anymore. Also, try to let someone from abroad pronounce "Alle Taarten." It's almost impossible :)

Deciding on a new name wasn't easy. Then one day, driving in the car, the answer came. It has been so close by already for such a long time. The name was hidden in a sweet, sweet song. Caramel, sung by Chiara Civello (original version is from Suzanne Vega)

Sweet Appetite...

I've listened to Chiara's music in the car driving trough Italy, it was on my Ipod, flying in a plane the first time and keeping me calm :), I have been dancing on it (in my living room then..) for years and I know the words by heart.
And I always have an Appetite for Sweets.

More to come about the name change and other fabolous things soon! For now, let me know what you think about my new business name?

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