Friday, 31 December 2010

New logo

Besides a new name and a new updated blog, you must have noticed my new logo! I'm so happy with it!
It was designed especially for Sweet Appetite by Janneke Hoeben; Culinary Illustrator.

Janneke graduated from the Art academy in Utrecht as a fashiondesigner. The collection she made for her final exams was an ode to food: "The seduction of food."
During her career as a fashiondesigner her inspiration almost always came from food. Different colours and flavours during different seasons, Janneke was inspired by it all.

Now, lucky for us, after ten years she started a new career; she's the most talented Culinary Illustrator!

Janneke designed my new logo and I'm so happy with. Besides a very talented and gifted lady, Janneke is also very nice and takes all the effort to understand what you want your design to be.

To see more off her work, check out her website and be suprised! Also, keep an eye on my blog because Janneke and I will team up soon...

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