Sunday, 13 November 2011

Life is good.

Get yourself a lovely cup of tea and sit back....To watch this wonderful movie made by Unicorn Wedding Films Ryan and Mascha don't just make weddingvideo's. They make a film in which you and your loved ones are captured in a way, you will share with your grandchildren over years to come. During the workshop of Christine Meintjes I was amazed about how invisable Ryan and Mascha were with their camera's. Somehow they captured all the beautiful moments of that day and amazed me with the end result. Without me seeing the camera.

When the movie was finished I was in Italy. And although I loved the little village where we stayed (in the middle of sunny, gorgeous Tuscany) , I got a bit frustrated when I received an email from Ryan and Mascha. I could only read the mail on my phone. Internet was something not really available together with our dolcis and cappucino....So I had to wait until we arrived at the house of our friends in Pisa before seeing the movie.
After dinner I rushed to the computer. There, in the old centre of Pisa, after having dinner in an Italian city garden underneath a heavenly smelling Wisteria, I watched this movie for the first time and was happy. Just plain happiness, that I get to work with so many talented, sweet, kind and inspiring people....Life is good. Just watch the movie :)

Christine Meintjes Photo Workshop -THE MOVIE- from Ryan de Wit on Vimeo.

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